Body Care

It is so important to take time for yourself, to do something that will make you feel good and look amazing. If only we had a magic wand that could give us more time, would make the life less hectic so that we could freeze a moment and just relax...

Well, LAB SQUEEZED™ body products are the next best thing. We can’t freeze time - but we surely can make your body care routine less time consuming and more fun. We’ve conjured up the perfect combination of products that provide a total care for your beautiful body.

Our easy to use, safe and delicate formulas will clean, hydrate, enhance skin smoothness, glow and softness, helping you look and feel great, yet requiring little of your valuable time and energy.

Our body products are based on Pumpkins & Carrots - amazing ingredients, which help rejuvenate the skin, boost its radiance and combat daily damaging elements with their antioxidant natural powers.

Here are some of our enchanting potions…