Our story - LAB SQUEEZED™

Our story

How it all began

Three partners had a dream of creating a line of cosmetics that could be trusted to have natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients, that would promote a healthy life style and would make a real-life difference by helping animal shelters. The last part was easy - we decided that no matter what we will donate a cent of every dollar we make to a list of wonderful animal shelters.

We thought about the concept of natural and vegan cosmetics, created various formulations, experimented with different textures, worked through tons of essential oils and heaps of natural ingredients… We felt like wizards working out a magic potion, with a touch of modern technology of course. Yet we were missing that fairy element.

As the story goes, Isaac Newton made his brilliant discovery when an apple fell on his head. Our eureka moment was less elegant and a bit more messy - it came when, by accident, during lunch we spilled fresh tomato juice all over the products we just tested.

While cleaning the tomato juice, we began to play with the idea and thought: what if a tomato was an actual part of a formula? What if we could create a veggie shake that goes on your skin? What if we were to squeeze the goodness out of real skin-bene ficial ingredients and turn them into a superfood skin care solution that enhances the skin and actually does something good for the complexion?

After all, this is what we were trying to achieve: we wanted to maximize the delivery of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega powers and essential fatty acids to the skin, and what a better way to deliver these elements than using fresh vegetables, seeds, roots and herbs (straight from your lunch, so to speak).

We informed the lab and our chemists about our ideas and told them to come up with new formulations based entirely on fresh vegetables and juices. While they went on “cooking” the updated formulas, we turned to our packaging development team. 

They jumped on the idea and suggested that we should connect the packaging for this line to food: packaging should look like food containers, but have a funky and fun twist. The idea was born to use something that would remind people of a temping ice cream (or a yogurt for those who can resist the temptation) or a freshly squeezed veggie shake.

Our graphic designer was the next person we talked to. We’ve explained to her how an unfortunate incident had become a great idea, and she was immediately captivated by the concept and began drawing cute vegetables, saying that it would be fun to present the active ingredients as cute characters (hands, feet, smiles and all). And poof -like magic, the drawn characters pulled together the whole concept.  

Once we added funky packaging and cute vegetable designs into the mix of updated formulas based on fresh ingredients LAB SQUEEZED™ took shape...


And the rest is history