We Care

These are the things that matter the most

We had to choose raw materials’ suppliers who do not experiment on animals and who do not use animal derived ingredients, ‘cause we love animals and for us cruelty-free is not just an icon on the packaging, it is a way of life.
We had to use the best, most skin-beneficial ingredients we could get our hands on.
All our products had to be free of parabens, paraffins, SLS/SLES - ‘cause no one wants those things near their skin any more.

And the last but not least - we want to promote a healthy life style, inside and outside. With LAB SQUEEZED™ we want to offer a healthy skin food that would go hand in hand with a healthy food that all of us endeavor to consume.

By the way, check out our great food recipes, with the same ingredients as our skin care products! Healthy body, healthy skin, healthy spirit!

And now we are finally ready to let you open our magic box of goodies - it is full of tricks that will make your skin care easy and fun, all the while doing wonders for your skin. We hope you will enjoy using our products as much as we enjoyed creating them. And we hope LAB SQUEEZED™ will make you smile and will add a sparkle of magic to your every day.